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Société Générale d’Électrotechnique (SGE) is the result of the grouping of four sister companies, Gemitech, Lignec, Transmag Energy and Volta Energy, each specializing in a specific area of ​​expertise. Business unification allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customers and provide them with everything they need, in one place.

SGE offers complete products and services in electrical engineering. Gemitech specializes in design engineering services, in carrying out studies of industrial electrical networks, in technical services on site as well as in carrying out tests and measures aimed at commissioning, maintenance or repair of industrial electrical equipment. Lignec offers construction services for electrical substations, industrial installations and distribution lines. Transmag Energy, for its part, designs and manufactures power transformers up to 150 MVA and 245 kV. And finally, Volta Energy is the specialist in power electrical products.

Our multidisciplinary team includes engineers; electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural technicians; and construction workers ready to meet your needs in every field of electrical engineering.

We serve the largest public and private sector organizations specializing in energy, metallurgy, and petrochemicals. We also work with major manufacturing enterprises such as mines and paper mills throughout Canada.

Our Mission, our Vision & our Values

SGE has acquired extensive experience

Our Mission, our Vision
& our Values

SGE has acquired
extensive experience


Optimal electrical system management is critical. When working with complex electrical devices, mistakes can have serious consequences, so choosing highly qualified experts is paramount.

SGE has acquired extensive experience over the years, and prides itself on providing meticulous professional service that is reliable and safety-driven. SGE knows the industry inside out and offers a full range of services, from engineering and implementation to onsite emergencies and equipment maintenance and manufacturing.

We deliver sound advice and tailor-made solutions to our customers. This commitment to professionalism is a cornerstone of the company culture.


Offer leading edge expertise in the management of industrial electrical systems from definition through to commissioning and covering the full range of technical and engineering services.


Health, safety, and the environment
Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers is a priority that guides every decision we make.
Following through on our commitments
Our commitments are very important to us. Respecting our customers is a point of pride for everyone on our team.
Outstanding service
Reliability and attention to detail are the values that allow us to build and maintain long-term business relationships with our customers.


At SGE, we are convinced that the world is in a period of energy transition, both in terms of energy production and in the way we share and protect our natural resources. As a trusted name in electrical engineering, we’re proud to support and foster the energy transition by advancing and promoting innovation and energy efficiency.


Since its founding in 1990, Gemitech has emerged as a leader in medium and high voltage industrial systems in Quebec. Recognized for its electrical engineering expertise, Gemitech has completed a variety of major projects in Canada, the United States, and other countries. In 2008 Jean-Yves Côté acquired Lignec, a company founded in 1976. Backed by 40 years of experience and continuous investments, the company has expanded its range of services over time. Lignec initially specialized in medium-voltage distribution lines, but later branched out into all energy sectors. Transmag Energy was founded in 2013 and became the only entirely Quebec-based manufacturer to design and build power transformers that meet industry standards for quality, reliability, and durability.

With their complementary industry expertise, a merger of the three companies was the natural next step. The SGE group was created in 2018.




Sept-Îles native Jean-Yves Côté has always been fascinated by energy. After completing his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, he made his first foray into the industry working at a U.S. multinational.

Jean-Yves Côté had always wanted to start his own business—a dream that became a reality when he launched Gemitech out of his home in Charlesbourg in 1990. The company obtained a number of industrial contracts right out of the gate, mainly in hydroelectric power generation. Jean-Yves’s vision centered on sustained and constant growth, so he acquired Lignec in 2008 to handle construction projects. In 2013 he created Transmag Energy, a manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of power transformers, to handle manufacturing.

In 2018 he decided to merge his companies under one name: SGE (Société Générale d’Électrotechnique).


As a responsible corporate citizen, Société Générale d’Électrotechnique makes sustainability a key factor when selecting providers, manufacturers, and other partners. One of the criteria we use is the importance our partners place on the environmental impact of their products and their commitment to the environment.

We also work with local partners whenever possible to reduce our transportation footprint. At SGE we believe future growth relies on clean and renewable energy sources. We respect the natural resources around us and will continue to protect the quality of the environment for future generations.